The law governing construction and its contracts is complex and fast developing,
but there is no need for construction professionals to stick their fingers in the air
to find out which way the wind is blowing, thanks to Construction Law
which has been the must- read source of expert legal opinion
on the latest developments for 25 years.

The 36 page print journal has been relaunched for 2016 with a new design, a new website and new editorial features, while keeping the same commitment to up to date high quality news, analysis and comment. Paper quality has been improved and the subscription price has been reduced, with a two year fixed price for direct debit payers.

Construction Law is unique in being the only legal publication aimed at non legal construction professionals – surveyors, engineers and architects – bringing together the considered views of leading construction law specialist lawyers and barristers to make construction professionals aware of the practical implications of developments, and the numerous pitfalls that can trap the unwary or under advised.

Construction Law’s ten issues a year keep subscribers fully abreast not only about court rulings and contract revisions, but also about what they actually mean for the industry. Arming yourself with this unique reference material means that an invaluable source of legal advice is constantly to hand. Articles are written to be understood by non-lawyers, but providing more useful and essential detail in articles of around 2,000 words than advertising based magazines can provide.

For the modest price of an annual subscription to Construction Law analysis and expert opinion that could save your company many tens thousands of pounds in legal costs – much more if damages are involved – is delivered to your address ten times a year.

Subscribers also have access to an on line index of past articles and can register to receive free weekly regular emails covering key news events including major procurement developments like frameworks, health and safety, court cases and reports from conferences, seminars round tables and other events.

Topics covered include:

Is adjudication working properly – or is it time we had an Adjudication Act?

Smash and grab adjudications – do they work?

What appeals against adjudication decisions are the courts likely to support?

Payment notices – under what circumstances will they be held to be invalid.

Insurance – what cover is available in the market and what to beware of

Costs – how strictly are the courts acting to keep legal costs under control?

Contracts – all major new contracts and revisions of existing contracts from the JCT and other contract publishers are critically reviewed.

Do NEC contracts offer contractors enough protection?

How do the courts calculate liquidated damages?

Court decisions – all the major decisions of interest to construction are analysed in depth

Risk management – are you doing enough in the eyes of the law and the insurance industry to mitigate the myriad risks facing construction operations?